Dear Abby: I’m not sure how to tell my fiance I’m a witch

DEAR ABBY: I am a woman in my 30s with a good head on my shoulders, but I have a dilemma. I recently became Wiccan, and I’m hiding my new religion from my fiance.

Jeanne Phillips

I was raised Protestant but have drifted away from Christianity. My fiance was raised Catholic but no longer practices.

He’s not actively involved in any religion, but I’m worried about how he will react to learning that I’m now a “witch,” which is just a broad term for anyone who follows the Wiccan spiritual path.

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I don’t want him to think I’ve lost my mind, but I also can’t keep hiding my beliefs from him. Secrets are never a positive thing in a relationship, but I’m worried about how this news will be received. Please help.


DEAR WICCAN: I agree this isn’t a secret you should keep. If it were me, I would start disclosing the information slowly, sharing Wiccan literature, telling him I found it fascinating, and sharing a few of the principles with him. Refrain from hitting him over the head with an announcement of your conversion and it will be less shocking.

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