Miss Manners: His teacher keeps mispronouncing my son’s name

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My son, who is almost 3, started preschool a few weeks ago, and his teacher consistently mispronounces his name.

Judith Martin

The name is uncommon in this country, so we knew it would sometimes be mispronounced, but it reflects his father’s heritage, which was important to his father as a recent immigrant. We worked hard to pick a name that was easy for native English speakers to pronounce, and we even made sure to spell it phonetically so our son wouldn’t have to correct people as often (unlike my husband, whose name is constantly butchered).

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I told the teacher early on that it was actually pronounced a bit differently than she had said it, and acknowledged that it’s a name most people haven’t heard before, so we try to clarify how to say it.

Since then, the teacher has continued to mispronounce it. She hears me say his name every day, and she writes it on his artwork each day, so I know that she has seen its (phonetic) spelling. It is only two syllables, and there are only five other children in the preschool class.

Is there a polite way to correct her mispronunciation again? If so, is there a limit to the number of times I can correct her without being rude? Or should I just accept that she’s someone who isn’t good at remembering such things?

My son is little and still getting used to the idea of being away from home, so I imagine it can only help him feel more comfortable if his teacher calls him by the right name. I feel a bit rude correcting the teacher again and again, though.

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