Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Jail Mate Believes He Was Taken Off Suicide Watch ‘Intentionally’

Prince Andrew Breaks Silence On Jeffrey Epstein Relationship In First Interview

There may always be questions surrounding his sudden death. Before Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on August 10, 2019, due to an apparent suicide, the disgraced businessman had already attempted to kill himself once. So why was he taken off suicide watch not long before he died? Episode 11 of “Epstein: Devil in the Darkness” explores some of the mystery around Epstein’s death — and the opinion of several experts and other sources who aren’t so sure it was suicide.

In July 2019, Epstein was arrested and indicted for sex trafficking of underage girls. He was accused of sexually exploiting and abusing “dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations.” That would have made him pretty unpopular in jail, according to prison expert Cameron Lindsay.

Prince Andrew Breaks Silence On Jeffrey Epstein Relationship In First Interview

“Here’s a guy who’s a convicted pedophile, super high publicity, everybody in the world probably knew he was a convicted pedophile,” Lindsay explains. “He was further being accused of human trafficking, sexual assault of young girls … and he knew a lot about a lot of very important people.” He claims, “In the world of jails and prisons, it’s a badge of honor for an inmate to kill somebody like Epstein.”

Epstein was placed in the general population at Metropolitan Correctional Center along with prisoners accused of everything from murder to serious drug offenses and extreme violence. His former lawyer Alan Dershowitz says on the podcast, “These pre-trial detention facilities are terrible, and they have driven more than Jeffrey Epstein to suicide.”

His jail mate speaks out on the podcast about those facilities, and about how badly the financier was treated during his time at MCC. He claims, “The guards didn’t like Epstein because he was always asking for special treatment … Epstein would have to wait two weeks before he actually got anything, worse than any other inmate that was there.”

The fellow inmate continues, “One time, I heard Epstein’s bunkie call for help from the guards. I think that was the first time he had tried to kill himself. When they carried Epstein out of the cell, man, yo, they dropped him on his face … I heard it hit the floor with the loudest thud. I’ll never forget it,

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