Is it OK to recline your seat? The great reclining debate


By Stacey Lastoe and Lilit Marcus | CNN

Earlier this year, Delta Air Lines announced a rethink on reclining seats.

In an effort to disrupt fewer passengers’ travel experiences, Delta said it’d begin revamping some of its jets to reduce the recline of coach seats from four inches to two inches and the recline of first class seats from 5.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

For those who abhor the recline option, it’s a small step. And for those who value it, well, it’s a compromise. This seemingly innocuous topic is one where there are very much two minds on what’s acceptable and what’s not. Two CNN Travel staffers engage in a friendly debate about seat recline.

Your seat. Your decision.

Stacey Lastoe, senior editor at CNN Travel, is of above-average height and makes no apology about reclining; it’s her right as a plane, train and bus passenger. She encourages the person sitting in front of her to recline as well.

On the first leg of my flight to Japan for my honeymoon, my husband and I got upgraded to first class. Although it would just be a few hours in the sky en route to Dallas, I was excited about sipping Champagne, sitting back and relaxing. Flute in hand, I pushed back to recline my seat for maximum relaxation. But it would not budge; I appeared to be stuck in a dysfunctional seat.

Or was I?

Turns out the gentleman behind me had a dog in a crate down between his legs, positioned so the seat in front of his — my seat — had nowhere to go. Because we were newlyweds and loving every moment of it, I did not mind when my husband turned to the man and told him his wife wanted to recline her seat and asked if he could please rearrange his dog crate to allow for everyone’s comfort.

The guy lost it, but not before a flight attendant intervened and rationally explained that it was my “right” to recline my seat. She pointed out that there was plenty of room for his dog and that he could not use the animal to infringe upon my reclining rights.

In the end, dear reader, I reclined. I drank Champagne. I reread our Japan itinerary. I napped.

You see, I am a recliner. A person who reserves the right to recline. In doing so, I fully expect the person in front of

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