Radical Elizabeth Warren Would ‘Suspend All Deportations’ if Elected

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told an audience on Friday during a Latinx town hall in Raleigh, North Carolina, that she would be willing to “suspend all deportations” in this country as a way to enforce her immigration agenda.

President Donald Trump’s re-election team called this idea “sick.”

Translator (for a mother of five in the audience): “I have two questions. If you become president, will you pass a moratorium on deportations? And, if the answer is yes, will you be willing to include people like my husband with criminal records as part of that moratorium?”

Sen. Warren: “I am so sorry for the troubles that you and your five children face. So, I am open to suspending deportations particularly as a way to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform. I believe that what we’re doing right now with ICE focusing on people who do not pose a threat … that they do not make this country safer.”

So, as this writer understands it, she is saying she wants to disobey the laws of the nation to exacerbate the crisis — and to force Congress to change the laws of the nation.

I am pretty sure that is not the way it is supposed to work.

See this tweet and video within:

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren supports suspending ALL deportations as a way to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform she supports.

So Warren is perfectly fine with violent criminal aliens staying in the United States so that she can push for policy she wants? …Sick. pic.twitter.com/xWmoSvUYP0

— Abigail Marone (@abigailmarone) November 8, 2019

Warren is thus admitting that she would violate her oath of office for a quid pro quo with Congress.

Since when is Congress responsive to Americans anymore?

We’ve been begging for them to stop the insanity with open borders and sanctuary cities — and are ignored.

Congressional lawmakers ignore the victims of their policies.

Warren is willing to let Americans be harmed for the sake of her control-freak dreams, in my view.

She’s not ready to fight in Congress for them.

I am astonished she’s prepared to admit it.

If I broke into her house multiple times, would she insist I not be charged with felonies?

If she lived on the border, she wouldn’t suspend deportations — she would be building a wall around her property.

Minor question: What compensation/services is she offering to the families of citizens who are murdered, raped and robbed by illegal aliens during her political

Source:: LifeZette


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