Outrage Grows Over Whistleblower Attorney’s 2017 Tweets About ‘Coup’ Against Trump

It is usually only in Hollywood political thrillers or the feverish imaginations of extremists that the American constitutional order is upended by an unconstitutional coup against an elected government.

The vast majority of political figures in our history — Republican or Democrat — have been deeply committed to our democratic society and system.

That is, until Republican Donald Trump came to town.

Furious over their election loss in 2016 and throwing out the window over 200 years of the primacy of peaceful transition of power, those on the extreme Left as well as many Democrat office holders called for the newly sworn-in President Trump to be removed from office for actions he did not yet have time in office to commit.

One of the those anti-democratic extremists, not very coincidentally, is the lawyer representing the CIA informer — a person whose fanciful recollections of a Ukrainian quid pro quo are the basis for the current Democratic push for impeachment and the Dem-led House impeachment inquiry.

Attorney Mark Zaid, in January of 2017, less than a month after Trump took office, tweeted about a “coup” against the president.

He also pledged to “get rid of him.”

The president, bound by his oath of office to protect the Constitution, is having none of it.

Here’s what he tweeted early on Thursday morning:

Based on the information released last night about the Fake Whistleblowers attorney, the Impeachment Hoax should be ended IMMEDIATELY! There is no case, except against the other side!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2019

GOP leaders are joining in the legitimate outrage against the Zaid-desired usurpation of democratic norms.

See this reaction, for example.

The lawyer behind the so-called whistleblower has been calling for a “coup” against the President of the United States since January 2017.

We should take him at his word that this is a coordinated, premeditated plot to overturn the election.https://t.co/RejktfqU4s

— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) November 7, 2019

Faced with a critical onslaught from across the spectrum, Zaid is retreating fast into an old crisis-management standby.

He’s trying to change the subject and blame the messenger.

Here’s a tweet of Zaid’s, by the way, from February 2017:

Another disgraceful and disrespectful post that demeans our democratic system. Every day that goes by brings us closer to impeachment https://t.co/dzk4fghM2I

— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) February 5, 2017

The time-worn and predictable maneuver of changing things up and trying to distract is so transparent

Source:: LifeZette


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