Math Is Racist, According to Seattle Public Schools’ Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee

Of the three Rs, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic, you’d think arithmetic would be immune to charges of racism.

Apparently not so much in social justice petri dishes like Seattle, Washington.

Give radical liberals enough time to incubate a cockeyed notion, in my view – and that ill-conceived idea will germinate into yet another full-fledged charge of racism.

When I was an active Seattle police officer, I was accustomed to how city officials and community groups accused cops of racism.

Happened all the time.

I could tell you stories.

But accusations of racism are not limited to a city’s police department.

Recently, under the auspices of Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Denise Juneau, the Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) published a “K-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework.”

Jason Rantz, a talk show host at Seattle’s KTTH Radio 770 AM, published a piece about the issue at

Rantz wrote that the “‘Math Ethnic Studies Framework’ promotes the wrong kind of division.” He’s not only clever but also right on target. You can watch his discussion of the issue with Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson on his television program here.

Rantz asserts that in the newly woke “math” course, “The U.S. government will be posited as a racist institution that must be destroyed.” He further accuses this instruction of “indoctrination at its most destructive.” Again, he’s right. The social justice seep continues to ooze into an academic discipline where one would not expect to find it — mostly because it’s not there.

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The liberal arts are ripe for accusations of bias and, thus, re-education and indoctrination. We’ve seen it for years. But didn’t we think science, technology, engineering, and math were too practical and too objective to be conscripted by academia’s corps of indoctrinators and sent into battle against our children’s sense of logic and reason?

Seattle’s leftists are showing us that progressives will always find a way to skew anything they choose as racist.

I remember reading a problem on a college math exam a few years back that showed me how even STEM studies can be taken and held hostage by leftist politics. The problem read something like: “Given the manmade global warming that is occurring, if the temperature was…”

Blah, blah, blah.

This issue is only settled science for those who’ve converted skeptical science into religious dogma.


Source:: LifeZette


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