Trump Rally Drama: Minneapolis Cops Can’t Wear Their Uniforms

The kerfuffle over Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s not allowing city cops to wear their police uniforms to President Donald Trump’s Keep America Great rally on Thursday night may seem exaggerated to some.

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It’s not unusual for jurisdictions to disallow their officers to wear their uniforms to political events.

It’s also not unusual for departments to break those rules — mostly toward the Left, but that’s another story.

Yet evidence seems to indicate this policy is new and it seems to correspond to Trump’s rally specifically.

And once people know the unique circumstances in this case, the ire of the police officers is understandable.

The policy certainly had uncanny timing. Mayor Frey says the planning for the new policy began well before the campaign announced the Trump rally in Minneapolis for October 10. But considering the mayor’s blatantly anti-Trump statements — as reported by and made after the Trump rally announcement — I’m not sure the mayor’s defense passes the sniff test.

“These aren’t ordinary circumstances,” said Mayor Frey. “Since taking office, President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities.”

That’s his opinion. Fine. But don’t impose that partisan view unfairly onto police officers.

And there’s this ironically hateful little gem, as pointed out by Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis: “Frey said Trump’s ‘message of hatred’ will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

These statements come straight from a Trump Derangement Syndrome diagnosis.

Lt. Kroll also reminded everyone of the difference in policy when Democrats were in office.

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Kroll noted that “they had been ordered to appear at past presidential visits, including one by President Barack Obama in 2013.”

And, as anti-Trump leftists can’t help doing, they conflate, obfuscate, justify, twist and otherwise deform logic to define what constitutes a “political” rally. The USA Today writer (and apparent Democrat ally) scored a 10 with this semantic gymnastics routine.

She wrote, “But while Obama did appear against a backdrop of uniformed men and women in Minneapolis in February 2013, it was for a presidential event on gun control measures and not a political rally.”

Not a “political rally”?

Since when is gun control not political for leftists? Can she really think gun control is a bipartisan issue devoid of politics?

Conservatives, which include most officers and especially rank-and-file cops,

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