Review: The Who’s Roger Daltrey makes triumphant return to stage

Fans cheered loudly at the sight of Roger Daltrey taking the stage on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at San Francisco’s Chase Center.

And they certainly had an added reason to hoot and holler this time around, given that it was anything but a sure thing that the Who front man would even make it to the show.

The last time he took the stage was some two weeks ago, when he lost his voice and had to stop midway through a show in Houston. It was later announced that Daltrey had bronchitis and that two other concerts, in Denver and Dallas, would also need to be postponed.

Thus, there was some heavy anticipation, and maybe even a little trepidation, to be felt in the crowd as The Who prepared to perform its first show since that abbreviated Houston gig.

Would Daltrey be ready to sing? And, if so, how would he sound?

Fortunately, the 75-year-old singer was able to put all fears to rest as he grabbed the microphone and launched into a string of strong offerings from 1969’s iconic “Tommy” double-LP set.

Daltrey was definitely back and once again ready for the spotlight, leading the charge with longtime mate Pete Townshend and the rest of the touring band, which includes guitarist Simon Townshend, keyboardist Loren Gold, bassist Jon Button and drummer Zak Starkey (yes, Ringo Starr’s son).

And they weren’t alone. The band was accompanied by a wonderful 48-piece orchestra, under the direction of conductor Keith Levenson, giving these Who classics extra oomph and depth.

Townshend, as per usual, did most of the talking onstage, saying how happy the band was to be back in the Bay Area and showing concern for the situation that locals are currently facing with power outages and the threat of fires.

“We know you have some worries tonight,” said the 74-year-old guitarist. “But for those of us with faith, we can only count on a higher power to keep our homes safe tonight.”

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