Nearly Hidden in Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan: A Vow to Give Back Pay to Illegal Aliens

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), currently the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in many polls, has pledged to “fight” for illegal immigrants to be given back pay.

Many Americans may not realize this point, however — because this key detail in her “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” plan — which she released on October 3 — hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention in the mainstream media.

The Warren workers plan declares that illegal immigrants will be eligible to receive back pay for previous work they did the United States — and the progressive senator is apparently determined to make this happen by amending the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

Warren explained all about it in a post on Medium.

She said her plan includes “ensuring employers can’t exploit undocumented workers and drive down standards for all workers.”

“The 2002 Supreme Court case Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB held that an undocumented worker could not receive the backpay he was owed from an employer who had violated the NLRA,” she also wrote. “That 5–4 ruling is wrong and denies millions of undocumented workers redress for illegal firings or other retaliatory conduct by an employer.”

“The case encourages employers to hire undocumented immigrants and exploit them in numerous fields, including construction and manufacturing, which could lower wages for all workers,” she also said.

“I will fight to amend the NLRA to end this form of exploitation and ensure that all workers are protected.”


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Interestingly, Warren’s plan does not include punishments for businesses or employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants over American citizens who are ready and willing to work.

It also lacks any reform to the H-1B visa program — in which Americans are replaced by foreign visa workers to increase the profits of multinational corporations.

“Warren has not endorsed mandatory E-Verify — a system that prevents businesses from hiring illegal aliens over Americans — though it would decrease foreign competition against Americans, especially those most vulnerable to competing against illegal aliens in the labor market,” as Breitbart noted.

Every American citizen should arm himself or herself with information and awareness about this by reading Warren’s proposal in full in her Medium post.

The plan is but one example of the dramatic leftward turn the modern Democratic Party has taken.

Progressive Democrats such as Warren apparently care far

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