Pokemon Go: Where to spend Trapinch Community Day in the Bay Area

The “Pokemon Go” Community Day for October is set, and it’s going to focus on Trapinch. The Ant Pit Pokemon won’t change the state of the game as Larvitar or Swinub did, but it will have its moment in the sun Oct. 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time.

For its Community Day, Trapinch will appear more frequently and its shiny form will debut. The day will feature a triple catch experience bonus. That will be good for players who are hoping to reach level 40. Three-hour lures will be available, and Pokestops will have 2 kilometer eggs that hatch Trapinches.

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The special move that comes with the Trapinch evolution from Vibrava to Flygon is Earth Power. This will be the only time so far that players can get that move for Flygon. I say “so far” because last year Niantic held a weekend-long Community Day, in which the year’s previous Community Day Pokemon could be caught and have their respective exclusive moves.

Although Trapinch and its evolutions won’t be useful in raids and gyms, it does have a role in PvP. The Community Day appears to be geared toward players who will hunt for the best pocket monster to use in Great League battles. According to Go Stadium, the ideal PvP Trapinch has 0 attack stats, 15 defense and 9 stamina.

Looking for the best Bay Area places to catch Trapinch? Here are some spots where trainers gather based on information culled from Bay Area Discord servers. All times are assumed to be 11 a.m.

San Francisco: This is informal but most trainers drop by the Embarcadero, but with Fleet Week going on, it may be a crowded in the area. Golden Gate Park along the music

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