Hilarie Burton shares sped up videos of how her wedding dress was created


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Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan got married over the weekend! I follow both of them on Instagram and you get the sense that they’re madly in love and that they have a great life together in upstate New York. They live on a farm with different types of animals, several of which are rescues, and they have two children together, daughter George Virginia, 20 months, and son Augustus, nine. Plus they do local volunteer work and they co-own a candy store in their town! They are living the dream.

Hilary made the announcement on Instagram about their wedding (that post is above but I left out the caption) along with the detail that the press reported that they got married about five years ago and they never bothered to correct them. We did report in 2012 that they were maybe-engaged, and reviewing that post reminded me that there was some sketchiness as to how they got together. They’ve been together over ten years now though and seem really solid and happy. Plus they’re married! That was just a sweet story that we skipped as they’re one of those low-key celebrity couples. I wanted to talk about Hilarie’s wedding dress though. She shared these videos of how it was created and I found it so mesmerizing. Hilarie worked with designer Carol Hannah in New York City.

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I never wanted a wedding dress. “I don’t want a white dress and I absolutely dont want a strapless dress! Then I met @carolhannahbridal . I’d come across her designs on one of those massive bridal sites, while I juggled my kids this summer. As I consulted with our outstanding stylist and all around genius advisor @jeanneyangstyle , I kept using Carol’s designs as points of reference. “Architectural. Asymmetrical. Not too girly.” Then one day the lightbulb went off and Jeanne just called Carol directly. I was nervous going into their salon. I’d tried wedding dresses on once before and it was a miserable experience. Pretentious. Pompous. But not this time. Carol and her whole team knew what I wanted without me even having to say it. She led me to this dress

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