David Harbour on his costars: What adult male wants to hang out with 15 year-olds?


*SPOILERS for season three of Stranger Things*

David Harbour swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday. David was there because he’s hosting SNL this weekend, which he said is a dream come true. I know a lot of folks have a thing for David’s Sheriff Hooper look. I don’t. But for reasons I cannot explain, this romantic poet thing he’s got going on in his Late Night appearance is kind of working for me. Maybe it’s because it’s Halloween and he’s channeling some vibe that crosses Lord Byron with Riff Raff from Rocky Horror and Frankenstein’s monster. (All of which have brought up some questions about myself.) Anyway, the main topic, as it often is with David, was about Stranger Things. Seth wanted to get to the bottom of Hopper’s fate, which we still don’t know, even after David FaceTimed the Duffer Brothers on air with Seth. But David also provided a glimpse into the camaraderie between the cast. David told Seth that he finds the teenagers on set delightful and very talented, but is not inclined to hang out with them because, well, they’re 15-year-olds:

The clip is set to start at the point he discusses the kids. I encourage you to watch it because his delivery is really funny. But if you can’t, here is what he said:

What’s it like, I mean they’ve grown up to some degree, since you first started working with those super talent cast of kids you have on the show?

It’s a nightmare. No, look, they’re beautiful kids but like what adult male wakes up in the morning – like, I’m in my 40s – and goes, like, ‘you know what I want to do today? I wanna hang out with, like, six 15-year-olds. And I want to see, like, what they’re like. And, like, what they talk about and, like, what they’re interested in. And I want to get involved in conversations that they’re having about learning about themselves as 15-year-olds do.’ I have been in some conversations where, between them, where, in the middle of a conversation, I just have to get up and walk away. Because, ‘I’m qualified to speak about this, but I’m not going to tell you.’

You read about how much time actors spend sitting around between takes. I have to admit, having to talk to a group of 15-year-olds for too long would also prompt me to

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