Demi Moore Reveals She Miscarried Ashton’s Baby At 6 Months After Relapsing On Booze

Better With Age! Demi Moore Poses Completely Nude For Harper's Bazaar At 56

Demi Moore is giving fans an inside look at the darkest parts of her life.

In an excerpt from her new memoir, “Inside Out,” obtained by The New York Times, the actress, 56, reveals she suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with Ashton Kutcher’s baby.

The two began dating in 2003, and Moore says, the actor made her feel young again. Soon, she got pregnant with a girl, who she intended to name Chaplin Ray. At six months, however, she lost the baby.

The Striptease star — who had previously suffered with substance abuse — had begun drinking again. She blamed herself for the miscarriage, but kept with the booze and even began abusing Vicodin.

Better With Age! Demi Moore Poses Completely Nude For Harper’s Bazaar At 56

Despite their troubles and backlash over their 15-year age gap, Moore and Kutcher, 41, married in 2005. In hopes of starting a family together, they tried out various fertility treatments, but Moore’s toxic habits only worsened, making it hard for her to conceive.

Around the same time, Moore learned Kutcher had cheated on her. The Ranch star has not commented on his ex’s infidelity claims. readers know the actors split in 2011 and divorced two years later. In 2015, Kutcher married Mila Kunis.

Single in 2012, Moore went on a downward spiral. During a night out with her eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, she smoked synthetic cannabis and inhaled nitrous oxide, causing her body to go into shock, which then resulted in her having a seizure.

At that point the actress became nearly estranged from all three of her daughters (Rumer, 31, Scout and Tallulah) all who had had enough of her wild behavior.

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While she was planning on releasing her memoir then, she realized she couldn’t, as “part of my life was clearly unraveling.”

“I had no career,” she told The New York Times. “No relationship.”

Due to her addictions, her health began to deteriorate.

“Something was going on, including my organs slowly shutting

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