Stephen King: ‘People who aren’t the standard, white American, are being marginalized’

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Stephen King has a new novel out right now called The Institute. It’s about a group of children with supernatural abilities, and the kids are abducted by a mysterious organization. Like, the kids are taken from their parents and put in some kind of secretive child-prison. Minus the supernatural abilities, this sounds like sh-t that’s already happened (and is still happening) during the Trump administration. The government has abducted children, separated them from their parents and thrown them in detention centers which are fundamentally concentration camps. Well, Stephen King would like us to know that he started working on The Institute long before the Trump administration made child-abduction a reality and an official policy of the United States. From King’s NYT interview (via Esquire):

As King neared completion of the book last summer, things got weird. The broad strokes of “The Institute” began to parallel what was happening in real life: Children, seeking asylum at the border, were being removed from their parents under the administration’s family separation policy. “All I can say is that I wrote it in the Trump era. I’ve felt more and more a sense that people who are weak, and people who are disenfranchised and people who aren’t the standard, white American, are being marginalized,” King says. “And at some point in the course of working on the book, Trump actually started to lock kids up.” At least seven children have died while in immigration custody since the policy was enacted. “That was creepy to me because it was really like what I was writing about,” King says. “But I don’t want you to say that was in my mind when I wrote the book, because I’m not a person who wants to write allegory like ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984.’”

[From Esquire]

King is obviously quite a progressive/liberal person and he’s been critical of Donald Trump from the beginning. But this whole thing brings up something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is the artist community’s struggle to effectively make political art about the Trump era. Even a horror writer like King struggles with it – he so clearly had the fictional horror story in his mind years ago, and the horror show and depravity came to reality and now it looks like he’s making political art. But for so

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