Did Sarah Ferguson also stay friends with Jeffrey Epstein after his first jail stint?

It may be that Prince Andrew isn’t the only member of the royal family to have some explaining to do about maintaining ties with Jeffrey Epstein after he served time for his first arrest as an accused sex trafficker.

Andrew’s controversial six-day visit with Epstein at his Manhattan mansion in December 2010 has been well-documented. But it appears that Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson spent time at the financier’s home in February 2010.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Left). Billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (Right). Photos by Getty Images and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

This would be after Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes with a minor in 2008 and sentenced to serve time in a county jail work-release program in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Daily Mail and New York Post have obtained photos of Ferguson posing with longtime members of Epstein’s household staff, housekeeper Jun-Lyn Fontanilla and her husband Jojo Fontanilla. One photo shows the Duchess of York with her arms around the beaming couple and appears to have been snapped inside Epstein’s opulent Upper East Side town house, the New York Post said.

The Daily Mail said the photo was taken around the same time that Ferguson visited New York City to address the United Nations in early March 2010 about mobilizing women in Chile to help victims of a massive earthquake in that country. Another photo shows a smiling Ferguson standing outside with a smiling Jojo Fontanilla.

Ferguson may not have seen Epstein during her New York City trip and her visit with his housekeepers. The Washington Post said Epstein was placed under house arrest at his Palm Beach, Florida waterfront estate after he was released from county jail. His sentence ended in July 2010 and he returned to New York City, the Washington Post said, where he reportedly resumed social contacts with some of his rich and powerful friends, including with Andrew.

This picture of Sarah Ferguson with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s staff from @nypost appears to have been taken on February 12, 2010 (while he was under house arrest). https://t.co/hEqKcua9Qp pic.twitter.com/xWzGHdj0LS

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The Ferguson photos are part of a trove of images that show the Fontanillas and other Epstein staffers posing with her, Andrew and other A-listers, the Daily Mail and New York Post said.

The other A-listers include political heavyweights Bill Clinton and

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