‘AGT’ Feud Explodes! Howard Stern Slams Simon Cowell As ‘Sleazebag’ & ‘Liar’

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Howard Stern still hates Simon Cowell!

On The Stern Show Wednesday morning, August 14, the always outspoken Shock Jock shared some choice words for his longtime nemesis.

“Personally would I love to see Simon Cowell f***ing suck one up his a**.” Stern sneered. “…In other words, would I love to see him fall flat on his face.”

The bad blood stems from the 2015 Sony email hack, when Cowell was accused of encouraging executives to fire Stern from America’s Got Talent, and hire him to take his place.

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Now, four years later, Stern, 65, stills holds a grudge.

“My only beef with him is he had a campaign behind my back, which I wouldn’t have known if the Koreans hadn’t hacked Sony. They exposed these emails he had going, ‘We can get rid of Stern and I’ll work for so much cheaper.’” Stern continued. “And by the way, if I had really wanted that job, then I would’ve been pissed. But I just find him sleazy and he is a liar.”

Stern then alleged Cowell, 59, called him to claim the emails were fabricated.

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“Then he called me up and said, ‘Oh Howard, you know that none of the Sony hack is true. None of that.’…Dude like what am I, an imbecile? And I’m just like ‘Yeah Simon, I’m sure that’s true.’ I didn’t even give a f**k. Like really you think I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t think the Sony hack was true…The guy is just a sleazebag.”

Just last year, Stern slammed Cowell as a “d**chebag.”

“What a d**chebag. He is the d**chiest guy on the planet,” Stern said of Cowell.

Stern was a judge on AGT from 2011 to 2015. That year, Cowell took over as judge, and still fills the role alongside Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union and Howie Mandel.

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