Ask Amy: I took them on this nice trip and they won’t even send me the photos

DEAR AMY: I recently took my two granddaughters (ages 13 and 15) to Paris for their first trip overseas.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

I did not bring a phone or camera, knowing they would bring theirs.

Many pictures were taken, and I asked the oldest to send me those in which I appear. It’s the only thing I asked for. Three times.

When we returned to the States, two weeks later, the girls called me for Father’s Day. As we chatted, I again asked the eldest for the pictures.

She replied with a huff that, “I’ve got hundreds of pictures to look through to find yours.”

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I don’t know whether it’s generational, or her age, but I am uncertain about how to handle this.

I could just put this onto her mother, but I prefer to correct this issue between the two of us.

Do you have any suggestions?

Picture Poor

DEAR POOR: You’ve scored a twofer: This situation is generational; the reaction is age-related.

I don’t have the space here to describe the loaded and layered relationship between teen girls and the photos they take, but picture this: Narcissus is transfixed by his own beauty. Now imagine possessing the technology to try and capture all that amazes you (and much that doesn’t), over and over, forever.

I think it’s possible that there isn’t one photo of the Eiffel Tower that doesn’t also feature one or more of the girls. They likely selfied their way through the City of Light. Are you sure they even got any photos with you in them?

You’ve asked for this three times now. Your granddaughter’s rude response is the aggressive way

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