The best restaurants in Denver for every relationship status

At the intersection of love and lust, done and over it and single and maybe ready to mingle, there is, in fact, a restaurant.

That’s one of the many-splendored things about restaurants — they are vast and different and unique and appeal to different sorts of people. Just like you and love and tacos and whatever other metaphor you want to add here.

Whether you’re unattached, permanently affixed, attempting to couple up, in-between or all of the above, we’ve got a restaurant for you.

Single, and not wanting to make friends

You want a good meal without having to speak to another living being. Totally valid. Birdcall (various locations) uses kiosks for the ordering of its fried chicken sandwiches, which means you dine in solitude without having to employ any pesky eye contact or, well, words. You may have to talk to your server at Annette (2501 Dallas St., Aurora) — or you could try gesturing; whatever — to order the exquisite meal you deserve, but this small amount of social interaction will be worth it for the gnocchi and roasted whole fish. (And, yes, you can eat the whole fish alone. We believe in you.)

Single, and wanting to make friends

If you’re on your own and wanting to meet new people, there are plenty of spots that promote intercourse of the social kind. Barcelona Wine Bar (2900 Larimer St., Denver) is always happening, and we bet you a tapa that, if you’re open to it, you’ll leave with a new pal. The communal tables and friendly vibe at White Pie (1702 Humboldt St., Denver) make conversing with strangers easy, while Uptown’s Vine Street Pub & Brewery (1700 Vine St., Denver) pretty much specializes in laid-back camaraderie over beers and burgers.

Meeting an online date

You don’t know how it’s going to go and, let’s be real here, it’s probably not going to go well. Your objective: to eat something good (so at least you have that), without spending too much money or time. Oh, and there should be alcohol. Brass Tacks (1526 Blake St., Denver) has reasonably priced drinks and a food window slinging sandwiches, salads and appetizers for $5-$13, while Biju’s Little Curry Shop’s (1441 26th St., Denver and 4279 Tennyson St., Denver) flavor-packed curry bowls top out at $12.95.

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