‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ names its winner

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Warning: If you don’t want to know who won “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” go read something else and come back after you’ve watched the episode. Otherwise, read on.

One of the most enjoyable and entertaining “Survivor” seasons (debate among yourselves) ended in suitable fashion with one mind-blowing event after another.

Two players saved some of their biggest moves for the last episode.

Rick Devens, the 33-year-old morning news anchor from Macon, Georgia, arguably played a near perfect game, the first to win his way back from the Edge of Extinction — the island exile voted off players were sent this season — and then surviving being voted off again by winning immunity or finding hidden immunity idols.

In the season finale, he pulls off his biggest moves.

After Rick, once again a target, saves himself by playing a hidden idol, he goes right out and finds another — but not before salting the jungle with two fake idols.
At Tribal Council, with five players remaining, it was an idol-palooza. Rick has the immunity necklace and his latest hidden idol, which he plays on the behalf of Gavin; Chris has an idol (more on that later), and Lauren and Julie have the fake idols. Lauren, who had been salivating wanting to get Rick out is instead sent packing.

Chris Underwood, a 25-year-old district sales manager from Greenville, South Carolina, provides the biggest entertainment of the evening.

Chris was the second player voted off way back when. At times, he appeared inconsolable on Extinction Island. He had wanted to play a perfect game and he had failed. When the 11 torched players compete to get back in the game, Chris manages to beat Super Joe and rejoins the five remaining players.

Chris first pretends not to be that interested in winning. His spirit has been broken on the Island and he is just happy to be there. He sells himself as having valuable information to share.
Knowing that Lauren has an idol that she has been holding onto, something only fellow exile Kelley had known but blabbed, Chris convinces Lauren that he is bringing her a message from Kelley: Play that idol wisely, for herself or for someone else. And he soon convinces Lauren to do just that. He didn’t need protecting, but he got rid of the idol Lauren had been holding onto since

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