What if Reddit wrote the final season of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? The version of Game of Thrones that exists in the parallel universe of Reddit. In it, Bran is the Night King, Cersei is faking her pregnancy, and Littlefinger is somehow still alive — not to mention half a dozen other theories that are all equally ridiculous and yet tantalizingly possible.

Sadly, with just one Game of Thrones episode left to go, many of these theories are clearly never going to come to fruition. With some fans left disappointed by the direction the show has chosen to go instead, I wanted to take a moment to re-imagine what could have been in season eight — if Reddit had its way.

The resulting fan-generated eighth season of Game of Thrones is weird, it’s surprising, and it doesn’t always make complete sense. But call me biased, I think it’s maybe even better than the real thing.

This is how Game of Thrones could have ended if Reddit had its way.

In which Arya is no one

Let’s go back to the beginning of season eight, that shiny and hopeful time when everything was still possible. The White Walkers have just breached the Wall and are marching on Winterfell; Bran may yet turn out to not be completely useless; Cersei thinks she’s pulled off a brilliant tactical move by tricking the northerners into believing she’s on their side when, psyche, she’s actually waiting to mop up whoever survives the onslaught of the living dead.

In this Reddit-fied version of Thrones, the season opens with the major heroes gathering in Winterfell ahead of battle. We might happen to see Arya — who in season seven had abandoned her mission to kill Cersei in order to rally in the North with her siblings — but she is acting strangely. We’re reminded that the direwolf Nymeria didn’t recognize her when they encountered each other in the woods. Maybe Sansa starts to think too hard about that creepy bag of faces her sister is toting around, because suddenly everything clicks into place: Arya isn’t Arya. Arya is the Waif.

This theory has existed in several forms on Reddit, with one particularly good thread by Blais_Of_Glory arguing that the real Arya was killed back in Braavos in season six and that the “Arya” the show has been following is actually the Waif wearing her face as a disguise.

But why

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