Kailyn Wants To Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Enemy Jenelle’s Mom Threatens To Kill Her

Rehab, Cheating & Calling 911! Teen Mom's Most Shocking Moments Of 2018 Revealed

Former friends Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans have been feuding for years. On this week’s Teen Mom 2, their feud exploded when Jenelle’s mom Barbara threatened to kill her! On the episode, Kailyn threatened to leave the show.

Jenelle and Barbara went on a vacation to Atlanta. While there, the two drank boxed wine and beer.

“Kail blasts other people’s drama on her podcast and every week it’s me as her topic,” Jenelle complained. “I just want to live a more private life. I used to show every second of my life on Snapchat and Instagram. I’m focusing on my life.”

But her vow didn’t last long, as she explained that she went on Instagram live to show her mom how it worked.

When they added Briana DeJesus’ sister Brittany to the live, she said, “Hopefully there is a reunion soon we can get them to go out and get drunk together.”

Rehab, Cheating & Calling 911! Teen Mom’s Most Shocking Moments Of 2018 Revealed

Barbara added, “And then we’ll all get lit and we’ll go kill Kail!”

Later on, producer Kristen called, telling the women to apologize.

“You have to tell Kail that you were joking,” Kristen said. “There’s a huge s**t storm that you told Kail you wanna kill her.”

Jenelle then mocked, “Im so sorry Kail. I’m not going to hurt you. Chill the f**k out! Kail is prob watching this s**t right now.”

Barbara then apologized, “Thats not what I meant I was doing a joke. I’ve known the girl for 10 years! That’s crazy. I’ve always gotten along with Kail. It’s no big deal. There’s differences between her and Jenelle. It doesn’t pertain to me. It was only a joke.”

When the two sobered up, Jenelle claimed Kailyn complained because she’s jealous of their mother-daughter relationship.

“She’s envious of us reconnecting,” she said. “None of her family wants anything to do with her because of the way she is.”

Barbara added, “She wants me thrown off the show!”

“She wants her own show. She wants to to kick everyone off,” Jenelle said. “She blasts other people’s drama on her podcast. It’s usually me and David as her topic. Kail says he needs a psych evaluation… actually you do!”

When Kailyn sat down with Kristen about the situation,

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