Problem Solved: These recliners are awful, and La-Z-Boy won’t help

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Q: I need your help with getting a $2,200 refund on two recliner chairs I ordered from La-Z-Boy.

Christopher Elliott

It took six months to deliver the chairs. Both have cosmetic, comfort and mechanical issues. They do not sit, feel nor look like the chairs my fiancee and I viewed and sat in at the store where we placed the order.

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Each chair had problems, and Gina, my fiancee, called the La-Z-Boy store and was transferred to the customer service department. They didn’t offer to help her at the store level.

After several attempts to explain our problem — including being disconnected — La-Z-Boy made an appointment to have a tech come out to the house to inspect the furniture.

The company didn’t give us the opportunity to return the furniture nor have it replaced. The only “resolution” was to wait 12 days to have a tech come to address issues.

Now we have no other furniture in the house. We have health issues and chronic pain that prevents us from using the furniture. I feel as if La-Z-Boy didn’t put the recliners together correctly, and I would like to return them now. Can you help me?

Bryan Curran, Bellingham, Mass.

A: I’m so sorry to hear about the La-Z-Boy recliners. The company should have delivered the furniture it promised on time. If it didn’t, it shouldn’t have made you wait another 12 days for a resolution.

Allow me to fill in a few details from our subsequent correspondence. When La-Z-Boy delivered your furniture, you didn’t have time to test it, by which I mean you didn’t have a seat. You had an appointment and couldn’t use the recliners until the next day. Also, at the time La-Z-Boy delivered the furniture, it removed your old loveseat.

You could have avoided this problem by taking a few extra minutes to see if the furniture La-Z-Boy delivered was what you ordered. Otherwise, you’re stuck

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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