Taylor Swift Shut Down Your Theories About New Music. Here’s What to Know

Hold tight, Swifties: Taylor Swift says you’ll be the “first to know” when she has new music to release, but that’s not happening yet.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14 in Los Angeles, Swift took to the stage to accept an award — and hinted at her plans.

“I love your passion, I love your attention to detail, I love how much you care. I love seeing all the things you’re posting online,” she said of her fans. “I just wanted to let you know that when there is new music, you will be the first to know.”

This comment follows a period of dedicated speculation from fans after Swift began increasing her Instagram activity, sharing a series of color-saturated, cryptic posts of herself starting off with a palm tree landscape. Despite the fact that nothing was officially confirmed, that didn’t stop fans from surmising that the pop star’s seventh album must be imminent, marking about a year and a half since the release of blockbuster Reputation.

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When is Taylor Swift’s 7th album release date?

Swift’s seventh album release date is still a definite mystery. In the past, her first singles have been released a few months before the full album comes out, with other singles dropping in the interim. But we’re still waiting on a single for now.

Some fans had been speculating that Swift has already kicked off an album release countdown, based on Instagram clues. This theory kicked into high gear for a week back in February, when she shared a photo that featured seven palm trees, captioned with seven palm tree emojis. The next day, she shared a picture of herself reclining on the sixth (visible) step of a staircase. One day later, it was Swift’s face seen through the center of five fence slats. With this theory in mind, day zero on the countdown clock would have been March 2.

But instead of an album, Swift ended up appearing on the covers of Elle U.K. and Elle magazines and continuing her increased Instagram activity.

What will Taylor Swift’s new album be called?

Right now, we have no idea. Fans have been calling it “TS7” for short, because it will be her seventh project. When she posted that

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