‘Competitive’ Lori Loughlin pushed indifferent daughters to pursue elite college dream, friends say

Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli may have been happy attending state universities. Or perhaps the sisters would have preferred not going to college at all and been perfectly satisfied enjoying the Hollywood heiress life: dabbling in acting and modeling or vlogging and building social media empires.

But that’s not what their “competitive” parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, apparently thought was best for their future, a friend of the family has told People.

“They attended (USC) because their parents made them,” the insider said.

“They are average students,” the friend continued. “Their focus was never about getting straight As. It was always clear that it was the parents that pushed them to go to school. Olivia always talks about her vlog. This is her passion. She never really understood why she needs to go to school.”

Loughlin and Giannulli both built successful, prosperous careers in TV and fashion design without attending college. But as described by People, the couple somehow believed that degrees from a prestigious college were necessary to secure Olivia Jade and Isabella’s place in America’s social hierarchy, so they put pressure on their daughters to do well in school and to attend USC.

Loughlin and Giannulli seemed to want this elite college experience so much for Olivia Jade, 19, and Isabella, 20, that they allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to secure their admission to the school.

But now Loughlin and Giannulli have been indicted for participating in this alleged bribery scheme, and the entire family has been publicly connected to a large-scale college admissions criminal conspiracy that has incited national outrage.

For the parents’ alleged crimes and belief in the elite college dream, the entire family is starting to pay a staggering price.

The reputations of all four Giannulli family members are being dragged in the media. Loughlin and her husband face the possibility of prison time, while Loughlin has been fired from upcoming episodes of “Fuller House” and cut from her longtime association with the Hallmark Channel, TMZ reported.

Olivia Jade’s social media influencer enterprise also is crumbling: She lost a lucrative deal with Sephora cosmetics company to promote their products and her signature powder collection on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

On top of all that, Olivia Jade and Isabella have decided to leave USC for fear of being bullied, TMZ reported Thursday.

While USC countered TMZ’s report and said the sisters were still enrolled, it is hard to believe how Olivia Jade

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