Carolyn Hax: I’m back with my ex-husband, and my friends can’t stop smirking

Carolyn Hax is away. The following first appeared on Nov. 24, 2004.

DEAR CAROLYN: When I was 24, I was married. It was a mistake of great proportions, for both of us, and it ended in divorce five months later.

Fast-forward six years. We run into each other, have dinner, and a year later we’re living together and existing in a relationship so good I didn’t think it was possible.

The problem is, a number of my friends are still having some difficulty with the idea that we’re back together. I still get the occasional snide remark, snicker or smirk when I mention him.

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What is really remarkable is that none of these people knew him when we were married. How do I handle this without overreacting?

Lucky Me

DEAR LUCKY: You have a great story on your hands. Enjoy it. Beat everyone to the smirk. Laugh at yourself.

You want to be taken seriously; I get it. But not only is laughing always better than overreacting, you’ll also save everyone the trouble of having to laugh at you. If you get over it, they get over it. Call it a mistake of great panache.

When even that gets old: “We’re over it. I can’t wait till everyone else is, too.”

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DEAR CAROLYN: I love my girlfriend, who is the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I just can’t seem to avoid being selfish and doing things that end up hurting her.

A few months ago, she found out I had cheated on her, and she left. In that time, I realized what I had lost and that she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life

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