Cardi B: ‘I have a voice in my head’ and here’s what it says

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Hip-hop star Cardi B took to Twitter to explain one of the issues that is troubling her these days.

“I am having a problem, right?” she explained in a video posted on Twitter. “A lot of people be saying, “Oh, I met Cardi B and I don’t know if she like me or not because she was looking at me like if I’m crazy or if I’m (expletive) or something.

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“But that’s not the problem. The problem is I have a voice in my head that when I’m talking to people it just start having a conversation with me and I be replying back.”

And it seems that voice is often concerned with her wardrobe.

“Like you could be talking to me and the voice in my head… start asking me questions, “Hey, like what happened to your (shirt) that you wore the other day?” And then I reply back in my head, “I don’t know (expletive) I think I left it at my grandma’s house,” Cardi B continues. “And then me and the voice in my head start going back and forth.”


— iamcardib (@iamcardib) March 14, 2019

So keep that in mind the next time you happen to be chatting with Cardi B.

“So, I’m really not paying attention because the voice in my head is (expletive) talking to me.I don’t know if that (expletive) happens to people,” she says. “That (expletive) be happening to me. So, I just be looking at you like (blank stare) because I’m having a whole conversation in my (expletive) thoughts.

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