Sean Penn wrote an op-ed claiming that ‘A Star Is Born’ should get all the Oscars

Sean Penn at Live Talks LA

If you listened to the fourth Gossip with Celebitchy podcast, you know that CB and I were not fans of A Star Is Born. The problem was, in my case, that I saw the film so late, and I had listened to all the hype. I thought ASIB would be this amazing film full of career-defining performances. The reality is that ASIB is a middling film with a terrible script and okay performances. The script and Bradley Cooper’s direction were the worst parts of the film, and the best parts were Lady Gaga’s performance and the music (not all the music, but most of it). The point I made in the GWC podcast was that ASIB in NO WAY deserved to be the Oscar front-runner at any point. It just came out so early, so it became the “Oscar favorite” for a few months, and then everyone moved on to better films.

There’s another problem with ASIB, or should I say, there’s a problem with ASIB’s Oscar campaign: they don’t have a good argument for why anyone should vote for them. The film isn’t good enough to make the “give ASIB all the Oscars because of the career-defining performances” argument. The film doesn’t have a message besides “toxic alcoholic bro is toxic, alcoholic.” Bradley and Gaga didn’t even have that much chemistry together, so the love story often felt pretty tortured. But not according to Sean Penn, who decided to do his part to campaign for ASIB. This is one of the most random things I’ve ever seen in the midst of an Oscar campaign – Sean Penn, noted author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, writing a Deadline op-ed about how A Star Is Born should get all the Oscars. You can read the full piece here. Penn argues:

Bradley Cooper has made exceptions to the examples. He’s made a film about us as the flawed contemporary characters we are, and while his artfulness has brought it to moviedom’s Super Bowl, it has done so with none of the conceits voters are likely to lean on in the final tally. Its art neither panders to the politics of the day, nor dazzles with the deceptions so many delight in. It’s the hard-messy stuff of love and life, of dreams and addictions, and yet we,

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