Many presidents welcomed dogs into the White House. Trump says he’s too busy.

President Trump’s critics now have one more thing to criticize him about.

On Monday, the president told a crowd in El Paso, Texas, that while he “wouldn’t mind having” a dog, “I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”

He’d probably look just like any of his many White House predecessors who decided that they had the time to have the a dog.

As The Independent reported back in 2017, “Donald Trump could become the first US President for nearly 130 years not to have a canine companion in the White House. Most American Presidents have had a least one dog, and many have had several.” As it turns out, the paper reported, the last commander-in-chief to go dog-less while in office was William McKinley, who happened to die of “gangrene a year into his second term after a failed assassination attempt.”

From the Presidential Pet Museum (yes, that’s a thing), here are our presidents over the past 100 years who had dogs in office:

President Barack Obama, 2009-17Bo, Portuguese water dogSunny, Portuguese water dog

President George W. Bush, 2001-09Miss Beazley, Scottish terrierSpot, English springer spaniel, offspring of dad George H.W. Bush’s dog MillieBarney, Scottish terrier

President Bill Clinton, 1993-2001Buddy, Labrador retriever

President George H.W. Bush, 1989-93Millie, English springer spanielRanger, one of Millie’s puppies

President Ronald Reagan, 1981-89Lucky, Bouvier des FlandresRex, Cavalier King Charles spanielVictory, golden retrieverPeggy, Irish setterTaca, Siberian huskyFuzzy, Belgian sheepdog

President Jimmy Carter, 1977-81Grits, border collieLewis Brown, Afghan hound

President Gerald Ford, 1974-77Liberty, golden retrieverMisty, one of Liberty’s puppiesLucky, dog

President Richard Nixon, 1969-74Checkers, Nixon’s dog while vice presidentVicky, poodlePasha, terrierKing Timahoe, Irish setter

President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963-69Him and Her, beaglesEdgar and Freckles, beaglesBlanco, collieYuki, mixed-breed dog

President John F. Kennedy, 1961-63Charlie, Welsh terrierGaullie, French poodlePushinka, mixed-breed dog (gift from Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev)Shannon, cocker spanielWolf, Irish wolfhoundClipper, German shepherdButterfly, White Tips, Blackie, Streaker — Pushinka and Charlie’s puppies

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953-61Heidi, Weimaraner

President Harry S. Truman, 1945-53Feller, cocker spanielMike, first daughter Margaret Truman’s Irish setter

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-45Major, German shepherdMeggie, Scottish terrierWinks, Llewellyn setterTiny, Old English sheepdogPresident, Great DaneFala, famed Scottish terrierBlaze, first son Elliott Roosevelt’s English bullmastiff

President Herbert Hoover, 1929-33King Tut, Belgian shepherdPat, German shepherdBig Ben, fox terrierSonny, fox terrierGlen, Scottish collieYukon, Siberian huskyPatrick, wolfhoundEaglehurst Gillette, setterWeejie, elkhound

President Calvin Coolidge, 1923-29Prudence Prim, female white collieRob Roy, male white colliePeter Pan, terrierPaul Pry, an Airedale terrierCalamity Jane, Shetland sheepdogTiny Tim, chowBlackberry, chowRuby Rouch, brown collieBessie,

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