‘It’s Domestic Violence!’ Jenelle Evans’ Mom Believes David Eason Is ‘Hurting Her’

jenelle evans mom believes daughter domestic violence relationship teen mom 2

On last week’s Teen Mom OG, Jenelle Evans denied her husband David Eason physically assaulted her after accusing him of domestic violence in a chilling 911 call. On this week’s episode, her mom Barbara told producers that despite her daughter’s claims, she believes she’s in an abusive relationship.

Although Barbara and her daughter fixed their estranged relationship, she told producers they began fighting again because she wants custody of Jace. As readers know, Barbara has primary custody of Evans’ son Jace with absentee baby daddy Andrew Lewis.

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“I went to court with her Monday… I drove an hour and a half,” Barbara explained. “They had court because of the 911 call. The haters called CPS and they were trying to say there was domestic violence over there. Nothing happened.”

She believes her daughter is mad because David was fired from MTV for homophobic comments.

“It’s nobody’s fault but his own,” she said. “It’s the call. People are calling her out on it. She doesn’t know how to turn that around.”

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When David showed up to Jace’s soccer game, MTV production shut it down. After that, Evans refused to film.

“You are ruining my life. Stay out of it,” Evans texted to a producer. “Don’t text me ever again. Talk to my lawyer. I’m done talking to you.”

When producers spoke to Barbara about the situation, she broke down crying.

“She doesn’t want to film anymore because every time she makes a commitment to film all of a sudden David starts a fight with her,” she explained. “She can’t film because if she films she gets in trouble when she gets home. I told her, ‘This is your job. You’ve been doing this for 10 years. It’s not his show it’s your show. He’s not working. What’re you going to do if you lose the show?’ She’s going to be homeless.”

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Barbara then said she’s “very worried” about her daughter.

“I think he’s hurting her,” she said. “He’s keeping her, I can see it’s domestic violence things. He’s keeping her like a prisoner. She can’t even leave the house. I think in your mind when you’re

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