God Saved a Marriage — and That Was Only the Beginning

Asking the question, “What does love require of me?” is a call to action that starts at home — because Satan wants to destroy the family, and marriage is at the top of his list.

So if we find ourselves fighting against our spouse instead of alongside him or her, we’ll miss the golden opportunities to stand in the vacant spaces where love in action can bridge the gap.

A few years ago, Sara Montague walked into church about half a n hour into our service and quietly sat down on the front row.

She didn’t look up or greet anyone. She just sat there, clearly in pain.

I (David) was preaching that day, and I could tell something was wrong.

She had been with us before on Sundays in the past, but she had always been with her husband.

This day, however, she was alone.

I felt I needed to say something, but I didn’t know what to do.

After services ended, one of the men from the church went over to greet her.

He asked her where her husband, Cory, was, and she broke down crying, saying he had left town and was done with the marriage.

Within seconds, my church colleague gathered the women of the church together and ministry with her began.

Meanwhile, another man from the church went outside to call Cory.

After he became convinced to return home, he and Sara ended up reconciling within a few weeks.

It’s amazing enough to see what God did in their marriage — but it’s even more amazing how He then used them together, as a united force, to put love into action and stand in the gap for someone else.

God worked in them and then worked through them, so we want you to hear their story.

“For us,” the couple said, “we became a bridge to be used by God the moment we agreed to make our marriage work on His principles. Satan wanted to ruin our marriage. God wanted to rebuild it for a greater good — literally bringing life instead of death to us and those around us.”

“As a result of that restoration, we got involved in the pro-life movement, and together, we’re helping connect heaven to earth — first for Precious and her little baby and for countless mothers since then.”

Precious was a 16-year-old girl whom Corey and Sara approached at an abortion clinic — and ultimately ended up saving from having an abortion.

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Source:: LifeZette


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