NJ Man Allegedly Confesses To Choking Teen To Death And Dumping Her Over Bridge

New Jersey Man Allegedly Choked And Dumped Teen Over Bridge

Liam McAtasney is believed to have killed childhood friend Sarah Stern for her inheritance.

A chilling videotape of an alleged confession has shocked a packed courtroom.

Accused murdererLiam McAtasney, 20, detailed his alleged crimes involving childhood pal Sarah Stern.

He reportedly killed her for the inheritance she had received following her mother’s death.

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During the confession he vividly and calmly recounted strangling her before dumping her body off a bridge before complaining about the amount of money he would receive.

Chillingly McAtasney — speaking candidly to a friend who was working with investigators — allegedly revealed he planned the murder over a six-month period.

He monitored Stern’s movements so that he could later imitate those movements for nearby security cameras he had spotted.

Greedy McAtasney moaned that he only walked with $10,000 while expressing his anger because he had been told by the victim the amount was closer to $100,000.

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At one point in the footage, McAtasney — speaking candidly to a friend who was working with investigators — is heard saying he planned the murder over a six-month period.

“She only had 10Gs, and this money, I don’t know if it’s burnt or something, it’s old money, terrible quality,” he told his friend, Anthony Curry.

Curry approached police weeks after Stern’s slaying.

He added: “I don’t even think I can put it in the bank.

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“I did something really dumb and planned it out for a half a year. Her dog laid there and watched while I killed her, and didn’t do anything.

“I choked her out, dragged her to the back, put her in the bathroom, and then I had to go to work.”

In the footage, McAtasney allegedly revealed he strangled Stern and used a stopwatch app on his phone to gauge how long it took for her to die.

The victim’s family heard his chilling account of how he killed the teenager.

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“I picked her up and had her just dangling off the ground,” he told Curry.

“She pissed herself, said my name. It took me a half-hour to kill her. I choked her out, and she was just laying there, having a seizure.”

McAtasney allegedly revealed

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