Ask Amy: Boyfriend disappears into dark web

Dear Amy: In the past year, “Steve,” my boyfriend of several years, has disappeared into the seedy underbellies of Twitter and 4chan.

Steve used to listen to an assortment of news sources. Now he gets most of his news off of the Trollish “alt-right” sections of those sites. (I’m NOT writing to you about Steve’s political stance — I have largely checked out and find political polarization ridiculous.)

Steve has become increasingly and self-admittedly anti-Semitic, and has adopted offensive terms popularized on his internet hangouts that he finds hilarious. He spends a lot of time trying to convince me that his favorite author isn’t a Nazi (I disagree).

He makes purposely inflammatory tweets under an anonymous account, and has been banned more than once.

Amy, I thought this was a knee-jerk reaction to the current political and social climates surrounding white men — and that it would pass. It hasn’t.

I get morbid and inappropriate humor. I’m not easily offended.

I’m a passionate advocate of the First Amendment, even when the words are distasteful. But this just feels wrong.

Steve knows I disagree, but he continues.

I have not stressed how deeply this bothers me, and that’s on me. It’s affecting our otherwise good relationship, and I want my boyfriend back.

How do I bring this up after shamefully allowing it for this long?

— Ms. Internet Troll

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Dear Ms. Troll: Your boyfriend’s hate speech is on him. You do you.

I can’t quite imagine how your relationship with this guy can be “otherwise good” when he is admitting to being anti-Semitic, admires someone you believe is a Nazi and has already been banned by a famously loose social media site (a user has to dive into seriously threatening territory to get noticed and banned from Twitter).

I don’t believe that partners should police one another and “allow” or prohibit any particular behavior or expression. But what does this guy

Source:: The Denver Post – Lifestyle


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