Debra Newell on the way she’s portrayed in Dirty John: ‘I don’t feel desperate’

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Mild spoilers for Dirty John, which is based on a true story that’s been widely publicized
Over the holiday I binged the Dirty John podcast, which told the true story of John Meehan and Debra Newell. This fascinating and horrific story has been made into a Bravo series starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana, airing now. For those unfamiliar with this, John Meehan just got out of jail in 2014 when he met successful interior designer Debra Newell online. (A full timeline is here.) He misrepresented himself as a successful doctor when he was in fact a failed nurse anesthesiologist who lost his license for stealing drugs. He had served several prison stints for committing multiple crimes, most against women. John moved quickly with Debra and she was completely charmed by him, moving in with him after a few weeks and marrying him after less than three months together. Debra’s young adult daughters, one of whom lived with her before she moved in with John, rightfully distrusted John and warned their mother about him. Debra ignored their pleas (her behavior makes more sense when you learn about her family’s past) and remained loyal to John for a time, missing so many red flags. The way Debra explains it on the podcast, John was just so helpful and loving that she didn’t see anything else. (Most people know how this turns out but I’m not going to reveal it here.)

To her credit, Debra has been very open with the press about this painful period in her life. She’s a strong woman who got sucked into an abusive relationship. You can be highly competent and brave in some areas of your life and still get taken in by an abuser and con artist. They’re the best at scamming women after all. In the Bravo show, of which I’ve seen the first episode so far, they show Debra dating multiple men who are disappointing to her. However Debra tells US that this isn’t accurate and she wasn’t desperate when she met him. She also planned her escape carefully:

“Remember, it’s Hollywood,” she told Us. “First of all, I don’t feel desperate. I think that it’s very natural to want to have a companion and to be in love I was not quite described the way that I think that I am.”

She continued: “The other thing is

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