Reported FBI Probe of Trump Was Led by Anti-Trump Fanatics, Says Newt Gingrich

The extraordinary story published Friday night in The New York Times headlined “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Whether Trump was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia” tells us how deeply sick the Washington Establishment has become.

A group of bureaucrats — elected by no one — sat in a room and decided they would investigate the new president of the United States for possible treason.

Let me repeat: treason. This is, after all, the implication of this investigation.

This group of bureaucrats reports to no one in elected authority.

In a Justice Department where employees gave 97 percent of their presidential campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton, the hostility toward — and fear of — newly elected President Donald Trump was deep.

The senior members of the Justice Department (all promoted under the Obama administration) were clearly prepared to go all out to repudiate the verdict of the American people in the 2016 election.

Further, these were Justice Department bureaucrats who had ignored the Clinton Foundation scandals, minimized the investigation into the Clinton email and Internet scandal, and ignored former President Bill Clinton’s collecting money from Russians overseas while his wife was secretary of state.

Suddenly, these hitherto passive, dispassionate, and tolerant “law enforcement” bureaucrats were galvanized into investigating a president for possible treason.

When they made this decision, who did they share it with?

Obviously, they could not go to President Trump, since he was the target of their investigation.

In an orderly world, they might have gone to Vice President Mike Pence and briefed him.

Pence, after all, was a member of the U.S. House and governor of Indiana before he was vice president.

There is no taint of any scandal involving anything Pence has ever done.

If these Justice Department anti-Trump fanatics were afraid to go to the White House, they could have briefed the leaders of the Judiciary and the Intelligence committees in the House and Senate.

At that point they would have had some potential reality check. President Trump was not betraying the Constitution. There is no evidence he ever considered betraying his country for the Russians.

It is the Justice Department bureaucrats who have been betraying the Constitution.

As President Trump’s former attorney John Dowd said Saturday, “The (New York) Times story is an unwitting disclosure and verification of the utter corruption of their oaths by (fired FBI Director James) Comey and his colleagues to undermine the free election of the president of the United States. It was apparently done under

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