Tom Sizemore Arrested When Cops Find Drugs In His Car During Traffic Stop

Tom Sizemore Is Arrested For Drugs Traffic Stop

Tom Sizemore was arrested in Burbank when police found drugs in his car during a traffic stop, has confirmed. Cops stopped the Saving Private Ryan actor, 57, on Saturday, January 5, because his Mercedes-Benz E350 did not have a front license plate and the registration tag for the rear license plate was expired.

But things got worse for Sizemore as the police arrest log stated, “Consent search of vehicle revealed various illegal narcotics.” The drugs were reportedly believed to be methamphetamine and heroin. Sizemore’s passenger in the car was also arrested for suspicion of misdemeanor possession.
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Both men posted bail and were released. Sizemore has had well-publicized brushes with the law and drug issues for years. In 2003, he was sentenced to six months in jail for beating up his then-girlfriend, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss.

In 2007, the Black Hawk Down star was arrested on suspicion of drug possession in Bakersfield and sentenced to prison for violating his probation. He wound up serving nine months behind bars.

According to the Third Judicial District Court of Salt Lake City, Utah, Sizemore filed a “Motion To Dismiss” on September 17, 2018 following allegations that he sexually molested a then 11-year-old actress in 2003 while on a Utah film set.
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Radar revealed in fall 2018 that Sizemore had had an epic meltdown on the set of his film El Coyote.

According to an insider, Sizemore landed in Mesa, Arizona to begin filming on Wednesday, September 19, but things quickly turned sour when the actor phoned into the studio to let them know he was going to the hospital for “abdominal pains.” “We get a call from Tom, he’s panicked,” the source told Radar. “He says I need to go to the hospital…and people freaked out.”
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At the hospital, Sizemore was allegedly administered morphine and was later given a prescription for the powerful drug. However, the source claimed the troubled actor couldn’t even afford the $350 copay and had to have his costar, Michael Saquella, spot him the cash! The insider said when execs considered taking him off the project, Sizemore broke down into tears. “He started crying hysterically and

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