Roundup: Games to help you lose weight in the new year

Keeping a New Year’s weight-loss resolution can be challenging. You have the best intentions, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and it’s difficult to keep up with those runs. Maybe the drive to the gym is daunting after an exhausting day at work.

If that wasn’t discouraging enough, there’s the actual exercise, which is about as entertaining as a root canal. You do everything in your power to distract yourself on that treadmill session.

Thankfully, exercise doesn’t have to be that way. Video games can offer a convenient workout that’s actually fun. Here are three titles that can help you keep off the pounds while also having fun.

“Fitness Boxing”: Although there isn’t a direct successor to the “Wii Fit” games on the Nintendo Switch, this title comes closest. Published by Nintendo, the game combines a rhythm game comparable to “Guitar Hero” with Billy Blanks-inspired Tae Bo exercises.

To play, you have to hold two Joy-Con controllers in each hand and perform jabs, hooks and uppercuts to the rhythm of the music. Similar to “Wii Fit” games, “Fitness Boxing” asks for personal information and goals. After that, it sets up a series of exercises that it recommends for each day. You stamp your progress on a calendar in similar to manner to “Wii Fit.”

The routines demand a half-hour or more of a your time, and afterward, you’ll feel the burn and sweat. It’s a game that tests your endurance as you try to punch in time with the beats and reach high scores for the workouts. The limited gameplay means that “Fitness Boxing” can grow monotonous, but it’s the idea of improving and hitting a better score that keeps you going. “Fitness Boxing” is on sale for $49.99.

“Creed: Rise to Glory”: Inspired by the recent “Rocky” films, this project puts you in the shoes of the title character. Yes, it’s another boxing game, but the big twist is that “Creed” is in virtual reality, and that improved immersion raises the bar of the fun and exercise.

While “Fitness Boxing” tests endurance with sustained exercise, “Creed” pushes you in fits and starts. The workout is more intense but it also comes in shorter spurts. With two motion controllers, you walk around the gym doing boxing mini-games or you train for an upcoming fight. Doing the latter activates a series of boxing exercises that cycle through like a

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