Paul Thomas Anderson advised John Krasinski to never say ‘I hated that movie’

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John Krasinski is still getting a lot of attention for A Quiet Place, which will definitely get nominated for a lot of technical Oscars, especially for sound, sound mixing, sound editing, etc. He’s like a proud papa – he just can’t believe that his little film was so successful, and that he’s gotten so much heat from it. Krasinski sat down with the New York times to chat about the film, what’s next for him – he’s writing the sequel – and his whole process as a multi-hyphenate celebrity. The interview is interesting generally – you can read it here – but I found this one section about Paul Thomas Anderson so fascinating. PTA is the brilliant director of films like Magnolia, There Will Be Blood, Phantom Thread, The Master and Boogie Nights. PTA exists as a sort of lodestar for up-and-coming filmmakers, indie filmmakers and the like. And apparently, PTA reached out to Krasinski long before A Quiet Place to give him some life lessons.

NYT: When you had that silent cut [of ‘A Quiet Place’, in the editing room], did you ever think, “This could practically be a complete film on its own?”
Krasinski: One hundred percent, and that sounds super pretentious, but it’s true. Even on silent, there was so much communication happening. I didn’t think our movie would be so commercially accepted because the only other time I’ve seen someone do a movie with no spoken dialogue is Paul Thomas Anderson at the beginning of “There Will Be Blood.” That first 12 to 14 minutes where Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t speak was a huge touchstone for me.

NYT: Paul Thomas Anderson hosted an award-season screening for your film. That’s got to be gratifying.
Krasinski: I think I’ve only told my wife this, so why not say it in an interview: That was the moment that was the most surreal of all this. He emailed me and said, “You need to call me,” and we talked on the phone and he was so specific and so honest about the movie. He’s been so kind to me through my career, but we were talking like we were on an even playing field and that tripped my wires. What I love most about Paul is that he loves movies.

I’ll tell you a big life lesson. Paul was over at my house, I think it was my 30th

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