Andy Murray, 31, suddenly announces he will retire this year at Wimbledon


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The last time I wrote about British tennis star Andy Murray, it was last summer, when he was playing the tournament in Washington DC, and his brutal, three-hour match ended in the wee hours of the morning. After the match, Andy waved to the remaining fans left, then sat down in his changeover chair and wept into a towel for what felt like ten full minutes. The cameras stayed on him, and it became a viral moment – a grown man, exhausted and victorious, full-on crying. The tears were because of that match, but they also came during Andy’s attempt at a comeback last year, after he had been dealing with a major hip injury. He had surgery about a year ago, then months of physical rehab, and he played for about five months on grass and hard courts last year, trying to play the sport he loved so much.

Fans knew that Andy’s body still wasn’t 100%, and that he was still feeling pain and he was still doing a lot of work to get back to any kind of level. He arrived in Australia a few weeks ago to prepare for the Australian Open, and he’s been doing practice sessions and practice matches with other players this week. Then, Friday morning in Melbourne, Andy walked into the press conference room at the AO and began to weep. Andy is still in so much pain, he’s going to retire this year. AO might be his last tournament. He expressed a desire to be allowed to retire – officially – at Wimbledon this year (this video is really difficult if you’re a tennis fan or Andy Murray fan, and he’s crying before he even starts talking):

He did a one-on-one statement a bit later:

The statements and reactions began pouring in immediately. Even though Andy is known for being grumpy and savage, he’s also one of the most well-liked players among his peers, both men and women. He’s also arguably one of the most important British athletes of all time, the first British winner of Wimbledon in 77 years (and he won Wimbledon twice), and a militant feminist ally for tennis and sports in general. People are upset not just because he’s retiring so suddenly, but because it really doesn’t feel like he’s retiring on his

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