Saoirse Ronan worries about how Brexit will hurt Northern Ireland

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Saoirse Ronan covers the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, in what could possibly be the last push for Mary Queen of Scots’ Oscar campaign. The film hasn’t done much during the awards season, but you can tell that Margot Robbie and Saoirse are proud of the film. Anyway, this photoshoot is gorgeous – I never would have imagined that Ronan would look THIS amazing with bright red lips, but here we are. Her face, to me, is timeless. The interview is pretty good too – you can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

She has dual Irish and American citizenship: It’s clear that the political situation in both countries exasperates her. She’s vocal about her fear that Brexit’s effect on the Irish border will revive past divisions. ‘I was watching RTE news and they were talking about the border – and it’s such a feckin’ mess. One of my best friends, Eileen [O’Higgins, the actress, who she met on the set of the film Brooklyn], is from Down, in Northern Ireland; even I didn’t fully appreciate what the reality of it was.’ Ronan mentions a television series she’s been watching, Derry Girls, a Northern Irish sitcom set in the early 1990s, before the Good Friday Agreement made peace possible. ‘Derry Girls handles the situation so brilliantly with humour; you have the girls going, “Och, there’s a bomb on the bridge and I can’t get my nails done now!” And I asked Eileen if that’s what it was really like – soldiers coming on the bus? She said, “Yes, yes it was.” And I think no matter what side you’re on in the North, nobody wants to go back to that.’

Her flawless American accent: ‘It’s how I get into the character. What can be more difficult than the actual sounds is the cadence and melody. Modern American is much flatter than my natural voice. I found that quite a challenge on Lady Bird. Greta [Gerwig, the director] kept having to say, “Make it a bit flatter!” And I’d think I sounded like a robot. With the Scottish I’m basically speaking the same way. The rhythm and music are the same.’

There’s a menstruation scene in Queen of Scots, one of the few since Carrie: ‘What’s genius about Carrie is that it shows what it feels like when you have your period for

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