Preview: ‘God Eater 3’ forges its own path in action RPG genre

Whenever a new work becomes insanely popular, it’s bound to inspire others. For every “Pokemon,” a rival such as “Digimon” emerges from the field. When it comes to “Monster Hunter,” the action role-playing game has spawned several copycats but one has emerged as a chief competitor to the Capcom game.

“God Eater” took the “Monster Hunter” formula and made it faster and more accessible. The latest iteration “God Eater 3” adds more changes to establish its own identity. With Burst Arts, the Engage system and new weapons, the franchise continues to forge its own path in the genre.

The third entry continues the story as players create an avatar, who is an Adaptive God Eater. These are genetically enhanced warriors that are capable of killing more powerful monsters called Aragami. Since the spread of the postapocalyptic Ashland on Fenrir, these creatures have grown more powerful and humanity has created AGEs to defeat them. Because of their altered nature and powerful, the public is wary of AGEs, so they’re imprisoned and handcuffed between missions.

Although it doesn’t have the graphical impressiveness or inventive monster design of “Monster Hunter World,” “God Eater 3” has an interesting story that revolves this struggle. It’s explained in cut-scenes and echoes the anime series of the same name. Being the only fighters able to survive in the wasteland lends an importance and urgency to their mission in this ruined world.

Another narrative element that helps ground the plot is that players have AI partners that help in the hunt for Aragami. Fighting alongside an ally lets players use some of the new features as well as keep them invested with the other nonplayable characters.

As for the gameplay itself, it follows a similar path to “Monster Hunter.” Players pick out a mission to hunt a specific creature. They pick a loadout mixing and matching melee weapons and ranged ones. What’s great is that one isn’t tied to the other. In fact, the weapons called God Arcs transform seamlessly. The flexibility means that players don’t have to stay attached to a particular combat style. They can flow back and forth between guns and blades.

One of the major wrinkles is the concept of Burst Arts. These powered-up moves are active once players hit an Aragami with a devour move. This activates a meter for the special attacks

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