Al Roker Slams Jillian Michaels For ‘Bullying’ In Bitter Keto Conflict

Al Roker Jillian Michaels Slams Weight Loss Bullying

Al Roker ripped into Jillian Michaels in a bitter battle of the bulge, calling her out for her latest diet advice and slamming her for “bullying” while she was a Biggest Loser coach.

The NBC TODAY Show host, who has struggled with his weight for decades and admitted he was 340 pounds at his heaviest, wrote a nasty Tweet about Michaels’ latest health take where she slammed the keto diet in an interview.

“So @JillianMichaels says #Keto is a bad idea. This from a woman who promoted on camera bullying , deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now those sound like bad ideas,” Roker wrote.

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Michael’s was a trainer for multiple seasons on the 10-year run of NBC’s The Biggest Loser , which Roker, also an NBC employee, pointed out in his tweet.

Michaels gave an interview where she ripped the trendy keto diet, saying: “I don’t understand. Like, why would anyone think this is a good idea?” she told Women’s Health magazine.

She went into details about the diet, explaining: “You know what we need to do? All fat and animal protein! No! Bad plan. For a million reasons. Your cells, your macro molecules, are literally made up of protein, fat, carbohydrates, nucleic acids,” she said. “When you do not eat one of the three macro nutrients — those three things I just mentioned — you’re starving yourselves.”

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Roker has been sharing his weight loss success with the Keto diet, dropping down to 190 pounds, on the TODAY Show with a posting on their website of his favorite breakfast.

“Al starts his early mornings at 4 a.m., with a workout in his home in New York City or at the gym,” the morning show website noted.

“At 5 a.m., after he’s showered and dressed for work, he whips up a batch of his signature ketogenic diet breakfast: an egg muffin. He packs it in tinfoil with a slice of cheese on top — and brings an extra muffin to the office for his co-worker and “ketokutie” Savannah Guthrie.”

Roker wasn’t the only NBC star to rip

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