The Biggest Questions We Have About Avengers: Endgame After Watching the Trailer

The most-anticipated movie trailer of the year is finally here. The next Avengers movie will be called Avengers: Endgame and will see the heroes left after Thanos’ culling reckoning with the fact that half the universe has disappeared.

But the new trailer—which we already broke down second-by-second—begs more questions than it offers answers. We see Tony Stark adrift in space, possibly with Nebula. Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow have decamped to the Avengers compound to try to take stock of the situation and determine their next move. Clint Barton has survived, though it seems that he’s now going by Ronin instead of Hawkeye. And Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) shows up, having escaped the Quantum Realm, offering his services.

How, exactly, the Avengers plan to beat Thanos remains a mystery, though most fans believe that it will have something to do with time travel. Here are all our lingering questions.

Will Iron Man get back to earth?

The trailer begins with Iron Man (Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr.) sending a sad message to his fiancée, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). It seems like the film is setting up Tony to make a great sacrifice in order to save the world (sort of like Thanos had to make a great sacrifice in order to destroy half of it). But it will be rather anticlimactic if he just floats around space for a bit and then dies.

Perhaps he’s able to get that message to Pepper. Fans have speculated that Pepper will save her fiancée in the Rescue Armor from the comic books. Pepper has already played superhero in Iron Man 3, but leaked photos from the Endgame set suggest she may suit up in this movie as well.

Crucially, Iron Man and Cap (Chris Evans) still have not spoken since the events of Captain America: Civil War. Presumably the writers will want to provide some sort of closure for that relationship.

Where is Thanos?

We get a glimpse of what may be Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) armor on display either in Wakanda or on Thanos’ home planet of Titan, and of what looks to be Thanos’ hand (free of Infinity Gauntlet). But we never see his face or hear what has happened to him since he snapped his fingers. Presumably he’s still alone on Titan, watching the sun rise over and over again, but the Avengers will have to confront him at some point.

What’s going

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