Ask Amy: Helpful man poses a #MeToo riddle

Dear Amy: I like to think that I am a caring and sensitive man — one who respects women and appreciates the spirit of the #MeToo movement.

Therefore, a recent experience has me disturbed. I am looking for some objective feedback.

One recent evening, I was with a woman that I know well. We had drinks before, during and after dinner.

It became apparent to me that she was quite intoxicated and probably should head to bed to sleep it off. I helped her up the stairs to the bathroom. After a few minutes, when I heard the bathroom door open, I came back upstairs to check on her. This is when things got “tricky.”

She was naked, and she made strong sexual advances toward me.

I knew that the “right” thing to do was to help her get dressed and into bed for sleep, and then go on about my own business. But I was weak, partly due to my strong attraction to her. We engaged in sexual activity, and during the acts I believed there was a possibility that the next day she would not remember (or at least she might not remember how things got started). Yet I continued, and for this I am feeling remorseful.

Have I committed “date rape”? Am I a “predator”?

If the situation came to a courtroom, or if I were a public figure, would people judge me to be a “bad” man?

And finally, Amy, does it matter that this woman is my wife of 25 years?

— Wondering Husband

Dear Husband: I hope this didn’t really happen; I’m assuming instead that your question might be a disingenuous and rude little riddle, designed to trip up an unsuspecting reader.

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However, let’s press on.

You ask for an objective opinion. Here’s mine:

Let’s establish at the outset that no, you are not a caring and sensitive man. No,

Source:: The Denver Post – Lifestyle


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