Vancouver’s Rare Americans take music marketing to next level

Rare Americans formed in August 2018. More than a few other bands probably did as well. None of these has their branding together as brilliantly as Rare Americans does.

Only months out of the gate, the band comprised of brothers Jared and James Priester and guitarist Lubo Ivan delivered a promotional kit to the newspaper office that rivalled — heck, eclipsed — any other artists who have submitted an album for consideration in 2018. In fact, it’s been well over a decade since any band put this much invention and creativity in trying to get its music mentioned. That this story exists proves they got it right.

The custom tin lunch box has the group’s album-cover logo of a stoner horse chilling on the couch embossed on it. Open it up and there is practically everything to enhance the listening experience or at least the tools to get there. One large bartender-weight bottle opener, one plastic cannabis grinder, squares of chocolate, a deck of weird playing cards (more on those later) and some minty fresh gum are all included. There are also two printed cards in the container. One with FAQs on one side and captured comments from listeners commenting on the band’s songs on its Facebook site. The other has a band bio — genre: Alt Pop Punk — and a photo of James Priester and Ivan. Jared is the behind-the-scenes fella.

VANCOUVER November 29 2018. The most unique promotional kits for the band Rare Americans, Vancouver, November 29 2018. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG staff photo) 00055472A [PNG Merlin Archive]

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Everything has the group’s logo on it. And the website gets pitched to you on everything as well. This isn’t what you usually get from beginner indie-rock acts. In fact, even megastar crews don’t usually manage this level of marketing.

“Lubo and I were in another band before called the Lunas that toured Canada a few times and was going along really well and had recorded an EP,” said James Priester. “Then I took a trip to the Caribbean with my brother Jared and joked I would bring along my guitar so we could drink a few beers and write a song or two together. He’d never written a song before and we’d never written together, but we

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment


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