Troubled Tila Tequila Says Satan ‘Possessed’ Her In Bizarre On-Camera Meltdown

Tila Tequila On Camera Meltdown Satan

Tila Tequila disappeared from the Hollywood spotlight almost a decade ago following the tragic death of her Johnson & Johnson heiress ex, Casey Johnson in 2010, and now in an explosive rant posted on her YouTube channel, the 37-year-old reveals she left the industry after being “possessed by Satan!”

“So back in 2012 I was in Hollywood and I was in the world of Satan. I was possessed by Satan. Hollywood is a platform built by Satan. They kept sending me to doctors to overdose me and kill me,” Tequila said in a video posted on Thursday.

“When I said that I had an aneurysm that is not true. I was scared. I had overdosed on drugs. The demons were trying to kill me. Celebrities are always dying because they got sacrificed. They tried to murder me. I actually died. The demons kept sending agents over the house to kill me.”

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However, that all changed with the death of Casey Johnson, who was engaged to Tila after being in a long and tumultuous relationship with Yahoo founder Terry Semel’s daughter, Courtenay Semel.

According to Tequila, prior to Johnson’s death — which was ruled an accidental drug overdose — “Courtenay went over Casey’s house to terrorize her and she ripped off he earrings. Courtenay Semel lit Casey’s hair on fire and bashed her head in and then lit it on fire. Courtenay Semel and the Hilton sisters.”

Tequila goes on to slam Casey’s former BFF’s, Nicky and Paris Hilton — claiming that the “sacrificed” Casey.

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“Paris and Nicky Hilton sacrificed Casey while I was in Texas. All of the demonic chicks like Courtenay Semel, Jasmine Lennard, The Hilton sisters went against me because they were the one who sacrificed her. She told me all of their secrets and then they tried to sacrifice me.”

The troubled XXX star continued her bizarre rant: “Jasmine Lennard — the girl who has the queen of the damned tattooed across her stomach. Casey told me that. When I flew back Nicky came over and these girls came over and Bijou Phillips. I was disgusted. So I took two Xanax bars and did

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