Spice Girls Secrets Spilled! The Truth Behind Posh Not Going On Tour

Spice Girls Reunion Tour No Victoria Beckham

Truth spice!

The real reason Victoria Beckham is not reuniting with her fellow Spice Girls for their new tour is finally being exposed, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive details!

Mel B, Mel C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton all appeared on the Jonathan Ross show to dish on the Spice Girls reunion and they spilled the details of the reason Posh Spice is not coming back .

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“Let’s address the elephant in the room. That is probably the first time Victoria has been referred to as an elephant,” Ross joked to the ladies.

“So, she is not with the band and it is a four piece now. You asked her to come back and she passed. Why did she not want to do it?”

Mel C spoke first. “It is actually quite funny. I saw Victoria recently and you know we have all obviously been in contact. She is still very much part of the Spice Girls. She really supports us and we really support her. She did raise the point that she was never actually asked.”

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Bunton questioned her, saying: “Oh. Did she not?” and Mel C replied: “No… because we just presumed.”

But Mel B recalled things differently, saying “No,” to that theory and Baby Spice agreed.

“No. I spoke to her two days ago after the announcement and she just said ‘Look you know that…’ She said it for years that she just did not want to do it anymore.”

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Ross weighed in. “Having said that I think you should have offered her the opportunity?”

Bunton insisted: “We did. She said “I do not…”

“She was busy with her fashion and that she has moved on,” Ginger Spice said. “The philosophy for us is that we are a band on and off the stage. And we care about each other and we support each other. We support her. She has been a huge part of our life and we care about her. It is all good. You don’t want

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