Jimmy Kimmel Says It’s ‘Weird’ That Comedian Dennis Miller Is a Conservative

Leftist late-night host Jimmy Kimmel proved he was actually capable of having a civil conversation with a conservative on his show on Thursday night by sitting down with right-leaning comedian Dennis Miller (pictured above left) and chatting about politics.

Miller kicked things off by joking about the culture of people posting selfies with their “I Voted” stickers.

“I went to vote yesterday and I won’t even — I live in a surf town, up the coast here from L.A., and they don’t even give you the sticker. You have to actually get ‘I Voted’ tattooed above your pubic mound,” he said.

“They’re tattooing people?” Kimmel responded, playing along.

“It’s a hell of a thing,” said Miller.

Kimmel later brought up Miller’s right-leaning views and how many leftists vilify him for those beliefs.

“You know, I was always a big fans of yours. And people, though, today are like, ‘what?’ I think people get upset because you’re conservative,” said Kimmel. “Because you’re a comedian. I think it’s weird for a comedian to be conservative. Unusual, I should say. What — they say, ‘what happened to you?’ What did happen to you, Dennis?”

Miller clarified his politics by saying that he is “socially liberal” and fiscally conservative.

He then said, “When I look at — I was watching backstage. This is how interesting things are. When I watch Trump, he doesn’t rankle me like he rankles people on your side. There are days he’s a buffoon. There are days I can’t believe the stuff he says. But, today, when I watch that thing, I kind of laugh. I watch Pelosi and she drives me batty.”

Kimmel responded, “Interesting.”

Miller then displayed his always quick wit and said, “All I know is this. I’ve met so many nice people, most of my dearest friends in the world are liberals. I refuse to go through life defining who I’m going to be friends with, who I’m going to love, who I’m going to hang with, from this ‘D’ or ‘R’ after people’s names.”

Miller had some critiques for his own side too, especially conservatives who are pushy with their social beliefs.

“When I look at, like I said, socially liberal — that’s when I don’t dig what the conservatives do. They always come off like the town elders from ‘Footloose’ and that’s a drag to me. But you know, I look at liberals sometimes, and I think liberalism’s like a nude beach — it sounds good

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