Explosive Police Report: Steven Avery Sexually Assaulted Teenage Relative Years Ago

steven avery sexually assaulted relative police report

One year before he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach, Steven Avery‘s relative told police he had sexually assaulted her as a teen, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

According to legal documents exclusively obtained by Radar, the Making A Murderer subject preyed on his own family member after he was released from prison in 2003 for a wrongful conviction.

The teenager alleged to police in an interview conducted by the Calumet County Sherriff’s Department in Wisconsin that Avery threatened to hurt her if she did not succumb to his sexual demands.

“He would tell me things like, ‘if you don’t do this, I’m going to hurt you; if you don’t do this, I’m gonna set your house on fire or that I might hurt your dad,” the terrified teen told police in the report, shown below.


The family member described Avery to investigators as “pretty scary.” She also pleaded with the jailbird to leave her alone, according to the report.

“I told him to stop because he doesn’t belong doing this,” the teen told police.

Manitowoc County special prosecutor Ken Kratz confirmed to Radar that the 2006 police report is legitimate. He slammed the Making A Murderer series – currently in its second season – for painting him as a “lovable person.”

“In reality, this guy is sadistic,” said Kratz.

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The relative’s sexual assault allegations were not introduced as evidence in Avery’s murder trial because a judge ruled them inadmissible.

“Being accused of a sexual assault is meaningless in terms of providing evidence against Steven Avery in his murder conviction,” Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, said in a statement. “Mr. Kratz unsuccessfully attempted to interject these two accusations into [the] trial. The trial court issued an opinion…that they, along with other allegations, had ‘zero probative value.’”

The shocking police interview took place three years after Avery returned home after serving 18 years in prison for the sexual assault of Wisconsin resident Penny Beerntsen. He was ultimately found not guilty of Beerntsen’s assault after serving time.

According to the report, Avery’s family member believed the timing was concerning.

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“I told him to

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