Liberal Media Mull Whether Migrant Caravan Will Now ‘Mysteriously Evaporate’

Aggressively suggesting that President Donald J. Trump only discussed the impending threat of the migrant caravans that are headed here as a fear-mongering pre-midterm threat, some pundits on the Left now believe the illegal immigrant issue will somehow “mysteriously” disappear from the president’s conversations — and from the commentary among those on the Right as well.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” commentator Willie Geist mentioned to Joe Scarborough that Trump had sent troops to the border.

Further discussing America’s border security and the steps Trump has been taking to protect the country and its borders, Geist then said, “I think this is a ploy … and on November the 7th, Joe, I think the issue of the caravan will mysteriously evaporate from the president’s mind.”

Scarborough enthusiastically chimed in, “And from Fox News” as well.

Not to be outdone, Donny Deutsch of MSNBC also warned on Wednesday morning that Trump was already casting his Democratic opponents — some still flush from their victories in the midterms — as the enemies of his presidency.

“I want us to watch as he replaces the caravan with a New York Jew, Jerry Nadler, a West Coast intellectual Jew, Adam Schiff, a black man, Elijah Cummings, and a woman, Nancy Pelosi,” Deutsch said on “Morning Joe.”

“I want people to think about that.”

“This is the new reality show,” Deutsch added. “That’s the new caravan for him, and it’s scary. I want to, ahead of time, call that out — and Maxine Waters — and he is casting it right now.”

But that wasn’t all.

During President Trump’s press conference on Wednesday morning, CNN’s Jim Acosta pointedly asked the president about the migrant caravans and Trump’s characterization of the individuals who are walking northward toward Mexico to claim asylum in the U.S.

Acosta pointedly challenged Trump’s use of the word “invasion” to describe the migrants who intend to storm the U.S. border — and then asked the president if he thought he had demonized the hordes of people who intend to breach our borders.

Trump said he wanted immigrants to “come in legally” — which is in line with what he has repeatedly said.

It’s worth watching in the days and weeks ahead to see how other hosts, pundits and commentators on the Left continue to shop around this notion that the president will suddenly and magically drop the issue of the migrant caravans from his conversations, and his priority list, now that the midterm

Source:: LifeZette


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